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Ways Businesses Are Harnessing the Power Of Facebook Groups

Now more than ever, businesses are tapping into the power of Facebook Groups to expand their brand presence. Let’s take a look at some of the ways businesses are using groups to benefit their brand.

-As a Customer Support Community

Customer service is a major factor right now in how companies are differentiating themselves from their competitors. As much as 96% of consumers cite customer service as a significant and influential factor when choosing which brands to patron.

Using Facebook Groups as a tool to help better serve the customers who become members is a great option. 

Facebook: As a Place for Fans to Connect with Each Other 

Building a Facebook Groups community doesn’t just mean better relationships between you and your customers. It also means facilitating relationships between your customers, too! The more your Group feels like a community, the more valuable it can become for both your members and your business. This will symbiotically increase loyalty between you and your members.

It can be really cool to see your customers connecting with each other and creating new friendships. You’re bringing people together (which is no small feat these days)! 

Facebook Groups: As a Place for Your Members to Share Feedback

Getting honest feedback from customers who are invested enough in your brand to join your group is incredibly valuable. All businesses should want to get honest customer feedback to see where they can improve. Be sure you don’t get defensive about negative feedback… take it graciously and make improvements. This is also a great way to find out what additional offerings your customers might be looking for.

You can use Facebook Groups to ask for feedback on everything from how they feel about a product to what they’d like to see next from you. There’s even the option to ask about what content they’d like to see, and whether or not they’re happy with existing brand policies.

Ask specific questions, and you’ll get direct feedback.

Facebook Groups: As an Incentive for Leads to Convert 

Many businesses are moving towards having multiple Facebook Groups. One of the Facebook Groups is public allowing anyone to join. Access to an exclusive Facebook Groups are reserved for customers who subscribe to specific programs or product packages.

You can actually leverage the exclusive Facebook Groups as a perk of becoming a customer. Once members of your public group find out there’s an exclusive group, it may help convert them into a subscriber! By promoting the benefits of the group and the access they’ll have to a supportive, knowledgeable community (and your own staff!), you have a powerful incentive for driving conversions.

Facebook Groups: As a Way to Find Brand Ambassadors, and Affiliates

You can also use Facebook Groups to create and encourage brand ambassadors. These are your very best customers who can help you promote your business through word-of-mouth marketing (which now includes posting in their own social channels such as Facebook and Instagram). Raving fans are often thrilled to shout your praises from the rooftop, especially if you’re willing to feature them on social media or as a testimonial. Sometimes you can even offer incentives in the form of additional discounts or credits to encourage your members to get the word out about you. 

Want to find out how your business can harness the power Of Facebook Groups as well? Visit FACEBOOK GROUPS TRAINING to find out more today! 


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