Lawyer's are Targeting Small Businesses Like Yours With "Surf By" Lawsuits!
​​​​​​​Is Your Business's Website ADA Compliant?


DSI offers website accessible  solutions that are revolutionizing the industry by making web accessibility simple, automatic, immediate and affordable, in compliance with the WCAG 2.1, ADA, Section 508 and other worldwide legislation.

Our ADA Website Tool Optimizes Your Website Making It More ADA & WCAG Compliant

“Web accessibility is a set of rules, behaviors, code standards and design guidelines, that are meant to allow people with disabilities to effectively use websites”

Big Cursor

The DSI ADA Website Tool increases the standard cursor size by 400% to ensure the pointer always remains in sight.

Allows for faster and more accessible navigation through hyperlinks, tabs and form elements.
ADA Compliant Website with Big Curser

Player Reader

The DSI ADA Website Tool adds a powerful, custom-built, integrated screen reader to provide the visually impaired a way to interact with your website.

This state-of-the-art tool supports over thirty different languages, native accents and locales.
ADA Compliant Website with Player Reader

Reading Guide

The DSI ADA Website Tool Converts the cursor into a high contrast horizontal reading guide.

Focuses and guides the eyes to reduce eye strain for users who are visually impaired, dyslexic, cognitively disabled, and users with Presbyopia.
ADA Compliant Website with Reading Guide


The DSI ADA Website Tool desaturates all colors on the page.

An important accessibility function that helps users with deuteranopia, tritanopia, and other forms of color blindness to better distinguish your site’s content.
ADA Compliant Website with Increased Contrast

Highlight headline & links & buttons, Text size

The DSI ADA Website Tool emphasizes links, buttons and interactive elements in clear, high-contrast colors that are easy to identify.

Highlights clickable items for easier site usability, navigation and overall accessibility.
ADA Compliant Website with Highlight Text

Text Spacing

The DSI ADA Website Tool Modifies text and line spacing for improved readability for dyslexic and visually impaired users.

Offers three degrees of adjustments for a personalized and more accessible reading experience.
ADA Compliant Website with Highlight Text

Change Font

The DSI ADA Website Tootl Converts stylized fonts into legible fonts and font weights that are essential for visually impaired and dyslexic users who find non-standard fonts confusing or difficult to read.
ADA Compliant Website with Highlight Text

What does this mean 

for your business?

We live our lives online. But 20% of the population have disabilities that exclude them from using it. These people make up 20% of your potential New Customers

Lawyers Are Sending Demand Letters to Small Businesses Like Yours!
The exponential growth in web accessibility lawsuits has a widespread effect across most industries, with small and medium businesses right in the center of the storm.

Lawsuit numbers are estimated to continue to increase as the need to enable accessible digital experiences becomes more prominent.

Since many businesses are physically closed, but are now operating online only, the amount of new legal letters and actual lawsuits are expected to rise dramatically.

Which businesses must have compliant websites?

Since the recent DOJ affirmation that ALL BUSINESS-RELATED WEBSITES are considered places of public accommodations and must be accessible for people with disabilities. (ADA Title III)
Ready to Become ADA Web Compliant?Protecting your business and enabling users complete access to your website is our top priority and THE LAW. We are looking forward to exceeding your expectations!

Accessibility Statement & Certification

Compliant with WCAG, ADA, EAA & More

Compliant with WCAG, ADA, EAA & More

ADA Code for Screen Adjustments

Screen-Reader & Keyboard Navigation

ADA Interface

Interface powered UI & Design adjustments

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Accessibility Audits

Monthly accessibility compliance audits

Automatic daily monitoring and scans

Automatic daily monitoring and scans

Cloud Updates

Automatic seamless cloud updates


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Screen-Reader & Keyboard Navigation

Change Text Colors & Fonts

Interface powered UI & Design adjustments

Automatic seamless cloud updates

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